Roddy Jones Explains Why He Loves the Idea of Notre Dame in the ACC

By Sports Radio WFNZ

ACC Network's Roddy Jones joined the Mac Attack to discuss why he is concerned for a season, why he loves the idea of Notre Dame, plus his sleeper in the Conference. 

Roddy says "I'm really concerned for this season due to the things that College Football won't be able to control." 

Roddy goes into detail on why he loves the idea of adding Notre Dame and says it would be great for the conference. Roddy also says that Notre Dame is a part of the conference in every aspect except for Football so why not. He explains how the positives really outweigh the negatives, as they would immediately become a top brand in the conference. 

T-Bone asks Roddy about a team not getting enough love right now and he says how nobody talks enough about Virginia Tech and Syracuse.