Christian McCaffrey should have no restrictions on Sunday


The Sports Director for WCNC Charlotte Nick Carboni joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to discuss the Panthers chances in Kansas City, and the latest with the Hornets on the NBA Draft.

Nick first weighed in on the latest with the NBA Draft and the Hornets as Nick still likes that Charlotte has the 3rd pick as Nick said that he knows the Hornets are looking for talent, but knows they are looking for guys that are fitting the culture as well. Nick also said he really likes James Wiseman for the Hornets.

When it came to this Sunday's game against the Chiefs Nick told Kyle that he has optimism that this team is getting healthier in the home stretch, but thinks the game is a long shot this week.

Nick also said that he hopes their will be no restrictions on Christian McCaffrey and let him do what he does best starting this Sunday.