Corey Miller explains why the Panthers need to let Brian Burns loose and let him get after the QB


The former Gamecock and New York Giant as well as the Pastor of Pain joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to recap South Carolina's loss to the Vols, and why the Panthers need to let Brian Burns loose.

The firs thing that Corey discussed was the COVID outbreak with the Tennessee Titans as Corey said this was expected with the sport not having a bubble, and that he expects more will happen and he was shocked about the fact it took 3 weeks for this to happen.

Kyle then asked Corey how frustrated Gamecocks fans are after the loss to Tennessee and Corey said they are very frustrated, and he thinks that this team is just not there for 2020 and he only expects 2 to 3 wins this year.

Kyle then turned his attention to the Panthers and asked Corey about the improvement in the pass rush with guys like Brian Burns and Corey said:

"He made plays because they need these guys who are athletes and edge rushers to be going after the QB instead of dropping into coverage. Brian Burns needs to rush the QB 90% of the time and let him go eat."