Don't expect anything significant from the Panthers at the trade deadline


Carolina Panthers Beat Reporter Joe Person, who covers the team for The Athletic joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to discuss the NFL Trade Deadline, and where the Panthers are at overall after 8 games.

The interview started off with Joe discussing today's trade deadline for the Panthers as he told Kyle not to expect much saying:

"This isn't 2015 where they went out and got Jared Allen to help the D-Line because that team knew they were contending and that is not the case this year. I do think they could do some moves to help for the future if they could get a young guy on the line or get picks by trading someone, but realistically I don't know who they would trade away at this point."

Joe then discussed the emergence of Curtis Samuel as he said that their is a clear difference from when he is off the field which proves the Panthers probably made the right decision in not trading him during the offseason.

When it came to Joe's mid season assessments Kyle instantly wanted to know if the Tight End room will be the most likely to get a remodeling treatment in the offseason as Joe responded to Kyle telling him that there is still hope for Ian Thomas because the Tight End position is tough position to learn in a new system and it makes it tougher given the circumstances this year.