Joe Person recaps the first win of the Matt Rhule era in Carolina


The Carolina Panthers beat reporter covering the team for The Athletic joined the show to recap the Panthers 21-16 win over the Chargers, and what the main takeaways were from the game.

The first thing that Joe told Kyle is that this team will take a win whenever you get it. He also told Kyle that there was a lot to clean up from the game, but it's better to clean things up after a win than a loss.

Kyle then asked Joe about Teddy Bridgewater's performance yesterday as Joe said he thought he played a solid game by not turning the ball over like he did in Tampa. Joe also said it was nitpicking, but Teddy had a couple of shots at the end zone but didn't take it, but at the same time those decisions could have led into a turnover.

Kyle also wanted Joe to tell him why the Panthers haven't extended Taylor Moton after he had a stellar performance against pro-bowler Joey Bosa and Joe responded:

"It obviously comes down to money so I would guess that the early round of negotiations were not all that close. You also have Matt Rhule and his staff using this as an evaluation year for everyone on this roster. This may be nothing more than making sure Taylor Moton is worth top 5 tackle or top 5 right tackle money because the salary cap isn't going to be what they originally thought it was and I wish I had a better answer, but I'm still trying to figure out how big a priority Taylor is to them at this point."

Before the end of the interview, Kyle asked Joe about the pass rush finally getting after the QB yesterday and what led to that as Joe told Kyle he thinks part of it was just they turned it loose in terms of the blitzes especially considering the fact they were going against a rookie QB.