Josh Sims: The Panthers are playing it smart with Christian McCaffrey


Fox 46 Sports Anchor Josh Sims joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse to preview the Panthers matchup with the Falcons on Thursday Night Football.

The conversation started with what we need to look for tonight with the Panthers as one of the biggest things that Josh pointed out was the Panthers have been one of the worst tackling teams in the league this year which is a problem if this team has trouble tackling at this point of the year.

Josh was then asked about Christian McCaffrey not playing tonight as Josh said he thinks the plan all along was to ease Christian McCaffrey back into the lineup and not rush him which he thinks is smart considering how valuable he is to their team and also for the fact that he just got paid a lot of money.

Josh also was asked if this is a must-win game as he said this is as he thinks there is a still a way to get into the playoffs and with the next 2 games being against the Chiefs and Bucs this game becomes even more important.