Marty Hurney discusses the growth of the Panthers after the first 4 games of 2020


The GM of the Carolina Panthers joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse today to react to the Panthers win over the Cardinals, and how the team has grown throughout the first 4 games of the season.

The first thing that Marty discussed with Kyle was how good of a job that Matt Rhule and the rest of the coaching staff have done in his first year saying:

"You really wish that people could be here and see what he does every day. He's got a formula, he knows what it takes to win, and he delivers his message to the players every day in a way that everybody buys in. What he and the staff and team have done with no OTA's and everything that we're dealing with has been remarkable."

Kyle then asked Marty what his expectations were for the team at the start of the season and Marty told Kyle the goal was just to get better each week, and Marty was quick to tell Kyle that getting better every week is still the goal for this team.

Marty also spoke high of Teddy Bridgewater after 4 games with the Panthers telling Kyle that he's a leader and has done a good job scoring points even without Christian McCaffrey.

Before the end of the interview, Kyle wanted to know from Marty if there have been any discussions for a contract extension for Taylor Moton and Marty responded to that by saying:

"I think there's a timing for everything and right now we do not have any active negotiations with anybody right now, but I think there's a time for everything. I also think that you want to get a feel for how the landscapes going to be salary cap- wise, and there are a lot of players that we would like to keep next year and there is a time to do that."