Marty Hurney tells us the impact that Mike Davis has had on the Panthers this year


The GM of the Carolina Panthers joined Kyle Bailey on The Clubhouse today as he reacted to the team's 23-16 win over Atlanta, and the progress and fight the Panthers showed throughout yesterday's game.

The first thing that Kyle asked Marty was if this win was just a bit more satisfying given that they beat a divisional opponent and Marty said it is more satisfying and it's more important to the growth of the Panthers. Marty also pointed out it was great to get a win at a place where the Panthers haven't won since 2014 and division wins always mean more due to the significance of the games.

Kyle also wanted to get Marty's thoughts on how important Running Back Mike Davis has meant to the Panthers locker room in the absence of Christian McCaffrey and Marty told Kyle:

"He (Mike Davis) means a ton to this organization. We were fortunate to get him and Chris Reed off of waivers last year and those guys are invaluable. We had all the confidence in the world that he would do what he's doing and when Christian went down you're always going to miss Christian but we have a number of weapons who could step up and help fill the void. It's not only Mike, but you also have guys like Robby, Curtis, DJ, and Teddy is playing great."

Marty also pointed out to Kyle that when Christian McCaffrey returns from his ankle injury will be a positive to mix together the skill sets of CMC and Mike Davis at the same time.

Kyle lastly asked Marty about the injuries the defense had yesterday as 4 starters got hurt yesterday as Marty told Kyle that this can happen in the NFL and he was impressed that the depth of the Panthers defense showed up yesterday, and he is hoping to hear good news with the injuries from yesterday.