Marty Hurney tells us how the Bears game showed the value of Curtis Samuel in the Panthers offense


The GM of the Carolina Panthers joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse today as he recapped the Panthers 23-16 loss to the Bears, and how making moves to help the depth of the team is harder than before.

The first thing that Marty discussed with Kyle was yesterday's loss for the Panthers against the Bears as Marty told Kyle that he was proud of the resillance shown by this team that has been there the whole year, but Marty said that they have to do a better job at 3rd downs on both sides of the ball, not turning the ball over, and limit the penalties.

Kyle then asked Marty with all of the injuries on the roster right now are they searching to bring any new guys in for depth as Marty said that they are always looking to add depth but it is harder to bring guys in this year because you have to wait for 7 days to sign them because of COVID protocols, and that every team is dealing with this same challenge right now.

Kyle also wanted to know how much the team missed Curtis Samuel yesterday as he was unable to play with a knee injury and Marty responded:

"We obviously missed Curtis Samuel yesterday. What he gives you is a third option and weapon as well as another back to spell Mike Davis. The absence of Curtis Samuel was definitely felt yesterday, and we'll see as the week goes on what the status is for him against the Saints."