Mick Mixon Gives His Observations From the Panthers 31-17 Loss to the Buccaneers


The voice of the Panthers joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse to discuss the Panthers loss to the Bucs, and what were some of his biggest takeaways.

The first thing Mick reacted to was the breaking news of CMC's ankle injury as Mick told us he has been inside BOA for the whole day and haven't heard anything about it from anybody, but it is a tough outcome and ordeal for the team and McCaffrey alike. Mick did tell Kyle that despite this he doesn't expect the scheme for Joe Brady's offense will change.

Kyle then asked Mick on a more positive note who stood out to him yesterday as Mick replied:

"I thought Brian Burns played well. I thought Brian showed up in the 30 front and with him coming out of the edge as he had a nasty spin move on one play. Another positive was that the indelible marks that Matt Rhule has put on this team with fighting until the whistle and not giving up."

Kyle also wanted Mick to give his thoughts on the lack of pass rush as the Panthers are the only team to not get a sack through two games as Mick told Kyle that the fans should be somewhere between irritated and cautiously optimistic. Mick also stated that we all need to realize that this defense is only getting started and it might be a while before the young defensive players to get going, but there is reason to be optimistic for the young players.