Robby Anderson Believes Carolina Is "The Best Situation" He's Been In


The Carolina Panthers will have a lot of speed on their offense in 2020.

Newest wide receiver Robby Anderson will only add to that dynamic.

Anderson will add his talents to an offense that already contains wide receivers D.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel, and arguably the best running back in football, Christian McCaffrey.

"This is honestly probably my first time being around an all-around group like this of athletes," Anderson said on Wednesday. "I've played with some great athletes but this is probably the best situation I've been in across the board"

That speed can be very dangerous for opposing defenses.

"I think it's a huge advantage," Anderson said. "That's the number one thing DBs are afraid of is getting beat. Having that as one of my biggest attributes allows me to put a lot of fear in corners because nobody wants to get beat over the top so that's going to open up a lot of things for me on the field."

Anderson is just one new piece but his addition will be pivotal in an offense that will have a completely different look under new offensive coordinator Joe Brady.

"I love it so far," Anderson said. "I'm just able to come in the building and I can trust in my coach that all I gotta do is do what I need to do and the rest is going to take care of itself. Seeing what he's done with players and offenses and teams, it's exciting."

The more talent the better because like many Carolina players have already said, Brady's offense will have a lot of different options.

"The best way I can explain it is it's creative and smart but it's going to put everybody in their best element," Anderson said. "Everybody is going to get a fair chance to do what they can do on a consistent basis. We just have to do our part."

A lot of that trust Anderson already has comes from his past experience with head coach Matt Rhule, who Anderson played under at Temple from 2013-16.

Anderson was deemed academically ineligible as a junior due to off-the-field issues and Rhule was the one to give him another chance.

Having Rhule back on his side has made signing with the Panthers very comfortable.

"The thing about it is coming into a new team, a new organization, a new situation, I obviously have to adjust to a sense because I'm in a new area but that's the only thing I really had to get used to," Anderson said. "I already know what to expect in the building and the standards. It's a comfortable situation where I feel like I can be myself and do my best which I haven't always felt throughout my career."

With both now in Carolina four years later, Anderson doesn't see any change in Rhule, and that's a good thing.

"He treated us like professionals when we were in college. That was our standard," Anderson said. "That was one of the very first things he told us when he came from the (New York) Giants to us (at Temple) was that he's going to run things the same way as the NFL and treat us like professionals. The only thing that has changed is more resources and things like that."

The Panthers are in a rebuilding period but after four years in New York without making the playoffs, Anderson is confident in Rhule and can already sense the win-now mentality that he saw get built at Temple.

"I know that those things that they coach by and that they live by, I've seen first hand that it works," Anderson said. "I feel like the thing is that where I'm at, everybody is bought in. I've been places where some people aren't and some are. Everybody is pretty much on the same page"

On that point, Anderson said you can sense when a team is only focused on the future when it comes to getting better, but he doesn't see that under Rhule and his staff.

"I don't think anybody is trying to wait," he said.

It remains to be seen just how long it'll take Carolina to put all the pieces together, but one thing is for sure: Anderson might have found a home in Charlotte.

"I feel like I can be myself and I don't have to worry," Anderson said. "I feel like being here, if my coaches tell me something, that's what it is. I just have to do my part and I'll get a fair share of opportunity. I just feel like it's a green light for everything and only me can stop me and I think they see that. I know they have my best interest and heart and if you look across the board, everybody is a bit of an underdog and has something to prove. It's good to be around that energy."