Steve Smith: Lower your expectations for Carolina right now


Former Panthers WR turned NFL Network Analyst Steve Smith joined Kyle Bailey on The Clubhouse today to react to the Panthers tough loss to the Bucs at home, and the amazing ending to the Cardinals-Bills game.

Steve started the interview by reacting to the Panthers loss at home to the Bucs and the fans getting up in arms about another loss as he was quick to tell the fans:

"People complain all the time and the fans heightened the expectations after 3 wins and then they get pissed off after hitting a lull. I keep telling y'all, lower your expectations with this team he (Matt Rhule) is just setting up the foundation and culture. Now some people are expecting him to be Jesus and he can turn water into wine. It ain't happening today because it has to be ugly before it can get better."

Steve then looked on the other side of the field as he said that the Buccaneers looked like a playoff team yesterday, especially after coming off the beating they had last Sunday as they made adjustments.

When it came to the thrilling finish between the Cardinals and Bills Steve said that they don't need to call it getting Moss'd as they need to call it getting Nuk'd after what Hopkins did last night. Steve also said that he thinks DeAndre Hopkins is the best receiver in football right now.