Steve Smith recaps the good and the bad from the Panthers loss to the Bears


The Panthers legendary WR turned NFL Network analyst joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to recap the Panthers loss to the Bears, and the other happenings around the league in week 6 of the season.

Kyle first asked Steve to give his thoughts on the Panthers loss to the Bears and what exactly went wrong in the eyes of Agent 89 as Steve told Kyle:

"What really determined the outcome was that the young offensive line struggled against a top 5 defense. They also were not able to capitalize to score touchdowns in the RedZone which Coach Rhule said coming into the game was going to be a key."

Steve did have some good from the Panthers as he loved the motor of Brian Burns and the rest of the team played a pretty good game, they just lost to a team who is good and could be better if their offense finds a rhythm.

Kyle then wanted Steve to give his takes on some of the other storylines across the NFL as the Titans are now 5-0 as Kyle wanted to know if the Titans are a Super Bowl contender as Steve wouldn't go that far yet, but he doesn't take them lightly saying that no matter what they are going to be an extremely tough out in the AFC.

Steve also told Kyle that people need to calm down and not overreact from the Packers poor performance against the Bucs, as it is only 1 bad game.