Steve Smith Tells Kyle Bailey What Needs to Happen for the Panthers to Beat the Vegas Raiders


The legendary Panthers WR turned NFL Network Analyst joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to preview the biggest matchups in week 1 of the NFL season, including Matt Rhule's debut as Head Coach of the Panthers.

The first topic that Steve covered with Kyle is why it is hard for teams to prepare for one another heading into the first game because many people are trying to scramble to predict what certain teams are emphasizing with their game plans, and Smitty also said we could have a lot of injuries to start the year because everything is so backed up because Steve said these first 2 weeks are essentially preseason games.

Steve then weighed in on the Thursday Night game between the Texans and defending Super Bowl Champs in Kansas City as Steve told Kyle the reason why the Chiefs are heavily favored is because the Chiefs have so much left in place from last year, as the Texans have had a lot of turnover at the skill position along with many injuries at the skill position as well.

Kyle wanted Smitty to tell us what he thinks will be the main factor if the Panthers win on Sunday and Steve responded:

"It comes down to if the Raiders offense fail to establish the run. Josh Jacobs is a workhorse who is a punishing runner, the question will be if the Raiders try to get fancy and go down the field, or will they go with their bread and butter. When it comes to the Panthers defense we need to know what they are going to do and how they are going to respond because a lot of their guys have never played in an NFL game along with a lot of these coaches. So these coaches and players need to know how they operate under the pressure of a live NFL game."