Teddy Bridgewater is not a bookmark QB, the Panthers can win with him


the voice of the Carolina Panthers Mick Mixon joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse today as he recapped the Panthers 27-24 loss to the Saints, and how important this Thursday's night home matchup against the Atlanta Falcons has become.

Mick first started the interview by saying that he is still optimistic despite the tough loss on the road but one of the biggest factors that Mick noticed for the Panthers was that they could not stop Alvin Kamara and the Saints are just a completely different animal on offense compared to the other opponents that the Panthers have faced.

When it came to the offensive side of the ball Mick came away very impressed with the performance of Teddy Bridgewater as Mick thinks that he has proven that he is not a bookmark QB, and that you can win with Teddy as your QB.

Yesterday also marked the return of Curtis Samuel from a leg injury as Mick had a lot of glowing things to say about Curtis telling Kyle:

"The coaches talk about the players a lot like their kids and it's hard to get them say something I love this kid more than that kid so when Matt Rhule told the media last week that Curtis Samuel is one of his favorite players on this team from the versatility that Curtis brings to his attitude on how he will fight on the field makes me think it's going to be hard to imagine Curtis playing in a different jersey than the one he's wearing."