Why the Panthers were right to stand pat at the trade deadline


Sports Reporter for FOX 46 Charlotte Josh Sims joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse today to discuss the latest with the Panthers at the halfway point in the season, and if he thinks the interest in James Wiseman for the Hornets is real.

The first thing that Kyle asked Josh was if he thought the Panthers were smart to play it safe at the trade deadline as Josh said he thought it was the right decision considering he doesn't see this team as a Super Bowl contender of any kind so you don't want to give up your future in a year where you are trying to grow.

Josh then weighed in on the looming scenario inside the Panthers WR room as all 3 of the main wideouts are near the end of their contracts as Kyle wanted to know who the odd man out will be as Josh thinks that Curtis could be the odd man out in this scenario as he thinks the Panthers could be more bullish in keeping DJ Moore.

The final topic that Josh discussed were the reports of the Hornets having heavy interest in James Wiseman as Josh thinks that the rumors are true in the thought of the Hornets wanting James Wiseman.