Tiki Barber Gives his Observations of the New Look Panthers & More


The former ACC Player of the Year and all-time leading rusher for the New York Giants joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to discuss the biggest storylines in the NFL and how he views the Panthers after 1 week.

The first thing that Tiki touched on was the NFL doing a great job of not having a coronavirus outbreak as Tiki told Kyle that everyone from the players to the family has shown a great amount of dedication in keeping everyone safe with no bubble.

Tiki also told Kyle that the play given all of the circumstances was fairly smooth, except the kicking which he was astonished by the amount of missed field goals throughout the first week of play.

Kyle then asked Tiki about his observations of the Panthers as they fell to the Raiders 34-30 and Tiki told Kyle:

"To be honest with you, the fact that the game was as close as it was and that the Panthers almost won and should have won is a marvel. I thought the Raiders would have walked away with that game, so the fact that the Panthers played as well as they did should be encouraging."

Before the end of the interview Kyle asked if the Panthers could hang in with the Buccaneers and Tom Brady as Tiki said that the Panthers can play with them, but Tiki also noted that the Bucs defense has had Christian McCaffrey's number over the past few years and that Tom Brady doesn't have 2 bad games in a row.