Tom Krasniqi Previews the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Before Sunday's Matchup Against Carolina


The Morning Co-Host of WDAE 620 in Tampa Bay joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to give us a preview of what to expect of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after a week 1 loss to the Saints.

Kyle first asked Tom on his thoughts on Tampa's loss to New Orleans as Tom said that if you look closely Tom was still throwing good balls, it was just a mixed bag performance for the Buccaneers.

Kyle also asked if the Panthers offense, more specifically Christian McCaffrey can move the ball after the Bucs defense kept CMC in check last year as Tom told Kyle:

"It's gonna be tough. Last week Alvin Kamara was only held to 1.3 yards per carry and Drew Brees only threw for 160 yards. This defense is fast, they will get after it, they've got a pretty good cover corner in Carlton Davis, a stout front 7 against the run, and linebacker Devin White is starting to ascend."

Kyle then wanted Krasniqi to discuss the dynamic between Bruce Arians and Tom Brady as he said that you could tell Brady was not happy with the questions about Coach Arians yesterday, but Krasniqi also thinks as long as the Bucs win Sunday and moving forward the relationship will be fine.