Steve Smith: We are seeing Curtis Samuel evolving into a third down receiver


The legendary Panthers WR turned NFL Network analyst Steve Smith Sr. joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to assess the Panthers at the halfway point of the year, and his thoughts on the recent play of Curtis Samuel.

Steve started the interview by discussing what went wrong against Atlanta as Steve noted that the Panthers O-Line struggled again with the interior D-Line led by Grady Jarrett and company.

When it came to the perceived return of CMC Steve said we should expect to see him on some sort of pitch count and he thinks Mike Davis will still get some reps, but Steve noted that it doesn't matter who's back there if the O-Line can't get a substancial push up front.

Steve also weighed in on the recent play of wideout Curtis Samuel as he told Kyle:

"He's become very durable on 3rd down for the Panthers. He has 26 or 27 receptions with half of those catches being for 1st downs, which this just shows you that when you get a guy in a different system he shows different attributes that he can bring, and that's not a shot at Norv but he was just used differently and he is evolving as a 3rd down receiver."