James Borrego Joined The Clubhouse to React to the Hornets Getting the 3rd Pick in the NBA Draft


The head coach of the Charlotte Hornets joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse today to react to the Hornets getting the 3rd pick in the NBA Draft Lottery.

The first thing that Coach Borrego discusses was his excitement as he told Kyle that last night was huge for the team as a lot of times you need a little luck to fall your way, and how it adds to the momentum that they have gained throughout the year.

James also discussed the good luck charm in Devonte Graham and if he thinks he was snubbed of the MIP Award, and Borrego said that he is clearly the most improved and doesn't understand why he isn't nominated for the award.

Kyle then also asked coach how they view drafting a young 19-year-old kid compared to a 22-year-old during the scouting process and James told Kyle:

"The younger guys may just take a little more work, that's just a reality. They haven't experienced as much, been coached as much, or as many game reps and the highs and lows that older players have experienced. Our team is a great example of that. You look at our group and ask how Devonte (Graham) was able to make a jump this year and the reason for that was because he had a track record of playing in high profile games in college for 4 years, and both the Martin twins played in some big college games as well and it makes them more ready to step in these situations. However everybody just likes the younger player especially when you're drafting high, but we just have to find the best player for us no matter the age."