John Focke Reacts to the Play Inside the NBA Bubble and the Outlook for the Hornets in This Year's Draft


The voice of the Hornets joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse today to discuss the NBA Playoffs and the offseason for the Hornets.

Kyle first asked John about the intensity of the NBA bubble and John says you wouldn't notice that these guys have been on a 4 month layoff, and seeing the amazing play from everyone across the board has been fun to watch.

Kyle then turned things to the Hornets as John reacted to Devonte Graham not being nominated for the Most Improved Award, and John responded:

"First off, he should have least been a finalist, but the thing that stands out are all the guys who were nominated are in the bubble so Devonte was unfortunately out of sight out of mind for the voters. Despite that Devonte put in show much work starting last year and there's a reason why his scoring went up 13.5 points pr game and a reason why he was top 10 in assists this year and it's because he put that work in throughout the year."

John also reacted to the upcoming NBA Draft Lottery reveal for the Hornets and John said that despite the fact he's never covered a team that has improved their position in the lottery from the Timberwolves to here in Charlotte, but other than that the Hornets can finally look ahead to the draft after a long layoff.