Rick Bonnell Breaks Down the Potential Options for the Hornets With the 3rd Pick


The beat reporter covering the Charlotte Hornets for the Charlotte Observer joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse to discuss the options for the Hornets now that they jumped to 3rd on the board, and what he thinks is behind the NBA ratings decrease.

The first thing the two tackled was the less than expected ratings so far for the NBA bubble and Rick stated he thinks very little of it has to do with the NBA's strong stance with the Black Lives Matter movement and has more to do with people being not used to this unorthodox schedule of having basketball in August, and not knowing when games start and what network they're on.

Rick also told Kyle that he is getting what Mitch is thinking in the draft, but only in broad strokes. Rick also states that he believes Mitch when he says that positional need doesn't outweigh the need for BPA given where the Hornets find themselves right now.

Kyle then asked Rick the possibility of the Hornets trading down from the 3rd pick and Rick told Kyle:

"I think if you do not take every phone call that anybody makes to you when you have a high pick and hear them out and consider the options you are not doing your job right. I think there's an 80% chance that they retain the person the draft with the 3rd pick, and I also that Mitch understands that when you get a high pick it sets off conversations and an experienced GM is going to be wise enough to listen, and if it blows your socks off Mitch can discuss it with Michael (Jordan)."