Rick Bonnell Explains How Michael Jordan Has Worked as a Liaison Between the Players and Owners


The longtime beat reporter covering the Hornets for the Charlotte Observer joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse as he discussed how Michael Jordan has become a lesion between the NBA owners and players, and the latest news with the Hornets and potential offseason plans.

The first thing that Rick got into with Kyle was the new uniforms for the Hornets and how they have returned to pinstripes. Rick said he was shocked in 2015 when the Hornets name returned and they didn't have pinstriped uniforms, and he said the Hornets got a do-over and learned from their lesson and added pinstripes back onto the uniforms.

Rick also discussed how Devonte Graham getting only 2 first-place votes shows how the voting system for awards such as the Most Improved are flawed. Rick said the problem is that they have never put a clear definition for what improvement is, and Rick thinks the NBA really needs to put criteria into what these awards are for.

Kyle then asked if recent events such as the wildcat strike for the NBA last week has shown how much more involved Michael Jordan has become for the NBA and Rick stated:

"For the last 3 or 4 years ago as Adam Silver made sure that Michael was the Chairman of the Labor Relations Committee. Michael described the role as a translator between the players and owners. Michael can talk to players as a former player, he can speak the owner's language to the players, and he can explain to owners that there are ways to present stuff to the players."

Rick also described how passionate Michael has become for social justice in this country as Michael told him the death of George Floyd back in late May was a tipping point for him.