Rick Bonnell recaps the biggest news & notes from the Hornets 2 week bubble practices


The Charlotte Hornets Beat Reporter covering the team for the Charlotte Observer joined the show to recap the Hornets 2 week stay inside the 2nd bubble, and when the next NBA season could start.

The first topic that Rick covered on the Hornets front was the biggest takeaways and nuggets that he received from the Hornets 2 week stay in the 2nd bubble as Rick told Kyle:

"I found it interesting that JB mentioned that they toyed with the idea of playing PJ Washington at center. Now I don't think that for 1 second that PJ's primary position will be at the center, but the fact that they are very open to it says two things. The first is that they are showing a great amount of trust in PJ, and the other thing is that I see this as Borrego acknowledging that for Miles Bridges to reach his true ceiling, it has to be as a power forward."

Kyle then asked Rick what is at stake for Devonte Graham's contract as Rick said it makes sense to talk about a possible extension with Devonte this offseason, but Rick also said he talked to 2 player personnel people from different teams and they said that there is still not enough data to justify the Hornets extending him right now.

The final thing that Rick told Kyle was that next year's NBA season could now start as late as February or March of 2021 because the Owners are really worried about going another season without gate revenue and want to avoid playing in a bubble next year.