Sean Deveney Talks NBA Playoffs, Who The Hornets Should Draft


NBA Insider Sean Deveney joined the Mac Attack to discuss the crazy game 3 between the Raptors and Celtics, Nets hiring Steve Nash, plus who the Hornets should pick at pick 3.

Mac asks Sean about the game winning shot by the Raptors last night and Sean says “I think if Brad Stevens could do it over, he would have different players on the floor.”

Sean discusses the Western Conference playoffs and says the Clippers are just far and away a better team than the Nuggets and that series may be quick.

T-Bone asks Sean about the Nets hiring Steve Nash and Sean says “There have been plenty of guys who have has no coaching experience and had success.

I think Nash will do great.” Sean also discusses the Hornets having the 3rd pick and he says this draft isn’t great but the top 3 players can definitely be difference makers in the NBA.