Chip Patterson tells us why Georgia's loss to Alabama should not be a referendum on the Bulldogs program


The College Football Writer for CBS Sports joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse today to recap a big weekend in college football in both the SEC and ACC, and Chip also weighs in on what to expect from the Big 10 starting things up this weekend.

The first topic that Kyle covered with Chip was the amount of teams in the top 25 from the ACC as Kyle wanted to know if this was a normal year would this be happening as Chip told Kyle that teams in the SEC like Auburn, LSU, and Tennessee have all helped the case for the ACC having as many teams in the top 25 as they do right now which has opened space for a team like an NC State, and Chip said a good thing that has come from this is seeing that more teams in the conference are having staying power in the polls than years before.

Kyle then wanted Chip to give his thoughts on the Bama vs. UGA game as Chip said that QB Mac Jones is proving to be more than a placeholder QB, and that WR Devonta Smith is a completely unfair WR for opposing defenses to guard and is playing a lot like former LSU WR Ja'Marr Chase was last year.

Chip also didn't think that everyone should be ragging too much on the Georgia Bulldogs as he told Kyle:

"I do think Georgia is getting discredited a little bit. I don't want to ignore that Georgia for a good portion of the game looked to go toe-to-toe with Alabama, but what happened Saturday had to do more with Alabama being so good compared to Georgia being bad on Saturday as I don't come away feeling poorly about the Bulldogs in any way."

The final topic that Chip discussed was the opening weekend of Big 10 play as Chip said this is the most talented team that Ohio St. has had since the National Championship team in 2015, and Chip is really interested to see what Minnesota does this year and if the Gophers can prove that last year was not a fluke.