Chip Patterson Weighs in on if There is Any Chance the Big 10 Will Move the Football Season to the Fall


The College Football and Golf Writer for CBS Sports joined Kyle Bailey and a Roman Harper working overtime on the Clubhouse to recap the thrilling BMW Championship, and the latest across all of college sports.

To lead off the interview, Roman had to ask Chip his thoughts on the playoff between John Rahm and Dustin Johnson as Chip told the guys that this felt like it could be the preview of the emotion we might see in the upcoming US Open.

Kyle then switched things up to college football and asked if the President's meeting with Big 10 Commionser Kevin Warren could lead to the Big 10 playing football in the fall with the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 and Chip stated:

"I think that some political points are trying to be played here, but unless the change in resources that the government is proposing that they can provide can alter the decisions of the console of Chancellor's and President's from its 11-3 vote going the other way then it just feels like it's just cheap political points being scored, headlines being written, and clicks being had. I mean you never know, but I don't think this recent development is going to change the Big 10 from eyeing a January start."

Before the end of the conversation, Kyle wanted Chip to weigh in on the NCAA trademarking The Battle in The Bubble as Chip isn't making a big deal out of it, but Chip said that the NCAA will go much farther to make sure the Tournament will be played in 2021.