David Teel previews the upcoming weekend of ACC play


The College Sports Writer for the Richmond Times-Dispatch and Richmond.com joined Kyle Bailey today to preview the upcoming slate of games in the ACC.

David first previewed a rematch of last year's ACC Championship game as Virginia travels to Death Valley to battle Clemson as he told Kyle that he suspects Brennan Armstrong won't be able to have the same success that he had against Duke to carry over against the Tigers.

Kyle then wanted to know from David if he thinks this is the deepest the ACC has been in a while at football and David responded:

"It's so hard to tell because we have no real non-conference metrics to access right now. That's what is going to be so difficult hopefully as the season progresses and the college football playoff looms closer is how we access these teams."

Kyle also wanted to know if he is concerned the Tar Heels have a slow start as they take the trip up to Chestnut Hill after a 3 week hiatus to take on Boston College and David agreed saying they're probably going to have to shake off the rusts but David says Carolina is the far more talented team, and they are facing a Boston College team that struggled at home last week against Texas State.