Eric Mac Lain explains why we are seeing so many high scoring games in college football this year


The former offensive lineman for the Clemson Tigers turned ACC Network Analyst joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to recap the weekend that was for the ACC, and why we are seeing so many shootouts in college football this year.

The conversation started with the Clemson Tigers big win in primetime over Miami as Eric said a performance like Saturday's is what you should expect from Clemson at this point and Eric also said that Trevor Lawrence and Travis Etienne both had Heisman caliber performances against Miami while the defense shut the red-hot Miami offense down.

Kyle then wanted to get Eric's thoughts on the shootout that took place in Chapel Hill between UNC and VT as Eric said this was the offense that everyone expected from the Heels and the cherry on top was the duo of Michael Carter and Javonte Williams adding another layer to the Heels already stacked offense. Eric also shared some concerns for the Heels on the defensive side as they still gave up 46 points to the Hokies as Eric was also perplexed as to why Justin Fuente didn't start Hendon Hooker.

The most notable nugget that has occurred over the past few weeks in college football has been the amount of scoring as Kyle wanted Eric to explain why this is the case early on in the season as Eric explained:

"The first reason is that you can't practice and tackle the way you really want to as a defense. The second reason is that the offenses can communicate like never before because the crowds are absent so it makes it easier to make adjustments, and the third reason is the sightline of the QB because with the empty crowds it makes the QB identifying the receivers easier while it's harder for defenders to blend in with the crowd."