How Saturday proved the value of Big Ten football in college football


Chip Patterson who is a College Football and PGA Tour Golf Writer for CBS Sports joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse as he reacted to the return of Big Ten football, and the concerns of Clemson's performance against Syracuse.

The conversation started off with Kyle asking Chip how Golf was one of the only sports who has actually had a ratings increase this year throughout the pandemic as Chip told Kyle that the floor and the ceiling for viewership in Golf is not separated by not much and Golf audience is very passionate all across the board.

Chip then discussed the return of Big Ten football as he felt like the absence of the league actually made the heart grow fonder for the league and you saw a lot of interesting things from Ohio State looking like a juggernaut, to the thrilling ending between Penn State and Indiana, and Michigan possibly figuring things out on offense after years of struggles.

Chip also discussed Clemson and despite the slight struggles that the Tigers had against the Orange, but Chip still stands strong as he doesn't think anyone will be realistically beating them especially in Charlotte.