Kelsey Riggs Tells us the Biggest Storylines for the ACC Entering the 2020 Season


The Host and Reporter on the ACC Network joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to discuss the College Football Season finally arriving after months of uncertainty, and the main storylines within the ACC.

The first thing that Kyle asked was if she ever doubted the season would be played and Kelsey said that she was naive around what could possibly happen until the last month when the players were starting to return to campus, but she now thinks that the season will start with the first ACC game being 8 days away.

Kelsey also stated to Kyle that there will still be road blocks along the way as with NC State having to move the game against Virginia Tech back due to COVID cases, but she thinks as long as everybody will not get too ahead of themselves things will go about as good as planned.

Kyle then wanted Kelsey to weigh in on Notre Dame joining the conference, and if she has a problem with a team joining a conference for only 1 year and Kelsey told Kyle:

"When this was first a conversation, I had to separate my thoughts as a college football fan and someone who works for the ACC Network. As a college football fan, I was wondering if that was fair and if I like that, but as someone working for the ACC Network covering all of these teams and talk about these teams I like that because it adds a whole other level to the level of play for all of these games. I'm so excited to see how it plays out with Notre Dame, and who knows maybe they join the conference full-time and I'd like to see that."