Luke DeCock Weighs in on His Expectations for ACC Football in 2020


The columnist for the Raleigh News & Observer joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to give his thoughts on the Panthers in 2020, and what he thinks the ACC might look like in 2020.

The first thing Luke weighed in on was his outlook for the Panthers and he said because of the turnover across the board and everything going on with COVID it feels like this is the start of a 2 year process for Rhule to get everything in place. Luke says his expectations are slow, but people need to give this regime time and let everything marinate.

Kyle then wanted Luke to discuss the cluster at NC State that has postponed their season opener against Virginia Tech as Luke says that this is a good sign that the schedule has flexibility for instances like this so the game can still be played.

Kyle also wanted Luke to weigh in on his overall outlook of play in the ACC this fall and if it will lead to a better product and Luke responded:

" Yeah I think so. Clemson continues to be loaded, but you add a threat in North Carolina and you now add Notre Dame into the mix as a full time member for this year as well which will change things. The Clemson dynamic of if anyone can catch Clemson this year is less interesting than how many teams have the potential to beat them which is higher than before in my eyes."