Doug Rice discusses what type of chaos we could see this year at the Roval


The President and Anchor for PRN joined the show to preview the Bank of America Roval 400 at Charlotte, and Doug weighs in on the controversy from last week's race at Talladega.

Doug first shared his excitement for the Braves making the NLCS as he is glad to see the Braves winning a couple of playoff series after going so long without one but he is scared of the Dodgers.

Doug then previewed the Roval and what could happen if it rains this Sunday like expected and Doug explained:

"It means the teams will bring 2 or 3 sets of wet weather tires (NASCAR hates the R word) that look more like passenger car tires and they have treads in them. If it is raining moderately or light they will continue to race and slip and slide around in the wet unlike in oval races. I have never seen one of these races in person and I think this race will be a lot of fun."

When it came to pick the favorites for this Sunday's race Doug said the unquestionable favorite is Chase Elliott as he won last year's race, and has won the last 3 road course races as well, but he also points out to not count out Martin Truex Jr. this Sunday as he is good on road courses as well and nearly won the first race on the Roval.

Kyle also wanted to get Doug's thought on the controversy of the Talladega finish and if NASCAR should get rid of the Yellow line rule at Superspeedway races as Doug said that they should get rid of it because they are already crashing at an extreme rate as it is with the yellow line rule and fans never like when a decision comes down to an official like it did last week.