Langston Wertz Discusses the Uncertainty of High School in 2020 for the Charlotte Area


The columnist for the Charlotte Observer covering High School sports for the greater Charlotte area joined the Clubhouse today with Kyle Bailey to discuss the uncertainty of a High School football season in 2020 due to the coronavirus.

"Yesterday CMS put out a survey stating that under Plan C they would not allow sports, and later that night they addendum saying that no final decision has been made right now so there's still a chance that High School Football can be played in Charlotte. The state as a whole wants to play but they are waiting on North Carolina to enter phase 3."

When it came to the most interesting aspect of no high school football that hasn't gotten enough attention Langston told Kyle that mental health for all these kids is an underrated factor in this because so many kids go to school so they can play sports, and they can't do that right now.

Langston also told Kyle that the people who will lose out the most in no season happening would be the fans because the talent in the area is as strong as it's ever been, and we would all miss out on some great matchups throughout the area.