Cedric Maxwell gives his thoughts on the ongoing NBA Finals


The 1981 NBA Finals MVP, 2-time NBA Champion, and current member of the Boston Celtics Radio Network joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to discuss the ongoing NBA Finals, and if Kyrie Irving's latest statement is as crazy as it sounds.

One of the first questions that Kyle asked Cornbread if there is any way the Heat can at least slow down Anthony Davis after his big game 1 and Cornbread told Kyle:

"I'm thinking that since the game has changed so much that you can't body on him, and so many other things you can't do right now. I would try to play him a lot tougher in the box and be as physical as you can with him away from the basket."

Kyle also wanted to know how big of a loss Goran Dragic is for the Heat and Cornbread said he's been so many things for this team that when you lose him to an injury it stalls the team's progress.

Before the end of the interview Kyle wanted to get Cornbread's take on Kyrie's comments saying that Kevin Durant is the first teammate that he can trust to shoot the ball right with him and Cornbread said we can't take nothing away from a player like Kevin Durant but you can say that every shot that KD has made LeBron has made as well on a consistent basis and Cornbread thinks it is just Kyrie having sour grapes toward LeBron.