Cornbread Maxwell Discusses the Latest With the NBA Conference Finals


The former Finals MVP turned Radio Analyst for the Boston Celtics joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to discuss the ongoing Eastern and Western Conference Finals.

The first thing that Cornbread discussed was Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals as Cedric told Kyle that the Celtics have the better overall team, but the reason the Heat have a 2-1 series lead right now is because they play a great brand of basketball led by the scrappy attitude of Jimmy Butler. Cornbread also notes that the turning point of this series could be the return of Gordan Hayward to the Celtics.

Kyle also wanted to know what happened after game 2 with the Celtics arguing in the locker room as Cornbread told Kyle:

"There was a level of frustration going on with the team. They we're trying to let each other know that they were much better than the opposing team and they were down 2-0. They didn't just talk the talk, but they walked the walk as well and won game 3."

Kyle wanted to get Cornbread's thoughts on the Western Conference Finals as Cornbread said that this Nuggets team is easily the most battle tested team in the playoffs and should have won game 2 and Cedric thinks they can beat the Lakers, but they have to be as scrappy as they have been in the previous elimination games in the playoffs.