Could a Bubble Work for College Basketball Like it Did for the NBA? Bobby Lutz Weighs in


The former Head Men's Basketball Coach of the Charlotte 49ers and now Assistant Coach with the Nebraska Cornhuskers joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse as the conversation with the lack of percieved leadership right now in the NCAA and Bobby told Kyle that he doesn't have the answers, but he agrees with the sentiment of the problems in the NCAA arising over the past 10 to 15 years and Bobby thinks there has been a lack of charge in the decision making process.

Kyle then brought up the idea that has been tossed around over the past few days to Bobby of a bubble for the College Basketball season this winter and Bobby responded:

"It can be done, but not with the current structure of 350 some-odd teams in D-1. I know the Big 10 has been speaking with the other Power 5 schools about putting bubbles together. So you would have 8 teams in one bubble and 8 teams in another bubble and you would play games, then take a week off outside the bubble. After that teams would enter a second bubble for conference play. It's probably not going to happen, but it's been brought up."