Jay Bilas Shares Thoughts On The CFB Craziness, Would College Basketball Need A Bubble


ESPN's Jay Bilas joined the Mac Attack to discuss the College Football season being on the brink, how the players coming together will affect College sports in the future, plus much more. Mac asks Jay about College Football and if the players coming together and Jay says this will be great for future amateur athletes. T-Bone asks Jay about if Power 5 schools will eventually break off from the NCAA and Jay says "We're getting closer and closer to the Power 5 schools only playing against the Power 5 schools. People want to see Heavyweights fight Heavyweights." Mac asks if the Power 5 were to break off if that would ruin the NCAA Tournament and Jay says it doesn't have to be just Power 5 schools in an NCAA Tournament. Jay also discusses why he thinks the SEC will do everything they can to play Football.