Corey Miller tells us if he has bought into the Panthers hype


The former NFL Linebacker and Pastor of Pain joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse as he recaps the Panthers victory over the Falcons, and he has officially bought into Matt Rhule as the Head Coach of the Panthers.

Corey started the conversation by reacting to the take from Harry Douglas stating that Teddy Bridgewater is currently the best QB in the NFC South as Corey says that Teddy has been playing well over the past 3 weeks, but thinks that is too strong of a sentiment especially with Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Matt Ryan being the other QB's in the division.

Kyle then had to get an update from Corey on if he has now bought into the hype surrounding the Panthers and Matt Rhule as he is standing pat on what he said after the Tampa Bay game because the teams they have beat are not the most impressive, but Corey says if the Panthers get past 5 wins his mind will change on the matter.

Kyle then had to get Corey's thoughts on the high scoring games in college football right now as Corey told Kyle a part of it has to do with a lot of blown assignments, the lack of practices, and the players don't know what they are doing which Corey thinks is a coaching issue for a lot of defenses.