How could the Drew Brees injury impact the race for the NFC South?


Former Super Bowl Champ turned SEC Network Analyst Roman Harper joined Kyle Bailey today on The Clubhouse to discuss the Panthers loss to the Bucs, and the latest happenings in the SEC.

Roman first discussed the Panthers loss to the Bucs as he said the Panthers need to learn how to get better from these games, but despite the blowout loss he is still impressed with what he is seeing as they just need to continue to get reps for the young guys on both sides before the end of the year.

Roman then discussed the first team he played for in the Saints as Drew Brees will be on the shelf for a couple of weeks now after suffering multiple rib fractures and a collapsed lung and Kyle wondered how this could impact the NFC South race as Roman told Kyle the Saints will expect Drew Brees to play again this year and Roman thinks this could go smoothly if Jameis takes full advantage of this situation like Teddy did last year.

One of the final topics that Roman reacted to was the firing of Will Muschamp as Roman thinks that the Gamecocks are trying to copycat the rest of the league by getting an offensive coach, but Roman also thought the timing of this situation was off.