Could the 2021 NFL be Pushed Back to Help Aid College Football Players? Jonathan Jones Explains


The Senior NFL Writer for CBS Sports and pride of Ashbrook High School joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse this afternoon to discuss his latest piece on how the NFL might change some of their offseason schedule with many colleges moving their football season's to the spring.

"What could change is that they could move the combine to any time in the spring. As far as the NFL Draft, it could be pushed back as far as 6 weeks according to the agreement in the CBA, but the rookies would miss out on rookie camp's and OTA's just like this year's rookie class did. The reason this could happen is that the NFL might want to throw an olive branch to individual teams and their personel folks to evaluate talent so they won't be flying into the 2021 Draft completely blind."

Kyle asked Jonathan if he thinks the NFL can pull off a full season with the current protocals in place and Johnathan said that all of these precautions are good, the effectiveness of the work being done however could take a hit if someone visits a family member contracts the virus. Jonathan also hopes that many of the players and coaches now have a better grasp of what they need to do to keep the season afloat.

Jonathan also weighed in on the Panthers, and in particular Matt Rhule as JJ explains that it's hard to grab an opinion on him and how he coaches when we haven't seen him coach a practice, and he believes this will be a rough year ahead for the Panthers entering Coach Rhule's first year.