Kansas City Liquor Store Employee Hinted at Mahomes' Extension Around 2 Hours Before News Broke


Kansas City's Plaza Liquor lists a few specific bottles of Dom Perignon champagne on the company's official webite.

Those bottles -- take the Dom Perignon 08 Vintage Champagne, for instance -- run for a pretty penny: $189.97 per bottle, according to Wine.com. So when a Chiefs front office member purchased six bottles of Dom Perignon champagne from Plaza Liquor, beer manager Katie Camlin had a hunch that something big was in the works.

She tweeted out those thoughts, but later deleted them out of apprehension that she had done something wrong (via Pete Grathoff of The Kansas City Star). Here is a screenshot of the tweet, posted around two hours before Adam Schefter of ESPN officially broke the news.

Just because she deleted the tweet doesn't mean she's denying that she had unknowingly hinted at the largest contract in sports history. A little after Schefter's tweet made it official, she proudly posted "Holy s*** I beat Schefter" and experienced the inevitable wave of attention that follows such a story.

Both representatives from the news and the unnamed Chiefs employee spoke with Camlin after the tweet and she relayed that no harm had been done by the unintentional scoop, tacking on that 'nobody needs to lose a job because I got stoked and tweeted!' in a later post.

Camlin has since updated her Twitter bio, now with over 3,000 followers, to mention that she was "in before Adam Schefter on 7/6," with a smiling emoji rocking sunglasses to boot. She additionally used all the attention to express and share the ideas that are most important to her, the full thread of which can be seen here.

Small store owners can use this awesome example as a lesson for any future chance encounters. If a sports team executive comes in and makes a purchase that could only be reserved for the most important of celebrations, fire up that Twitter and speculate -- don't state, but speculate -- that something may be in the works. You might just get your 15 minutes of fame and use the platform to share what's important to you, just as Camlin did. And hey... free publicity for the store!

And for all the sports executives out there, you can use this awesome occasion to set a rule of thumb for celebrating big signings going forward. For every $100 million used on a player's contract extension, 1.2 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne seems to be an appropriate measure.

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