Geoff Schwartz: The Panthers are going to have to score 35 points or more to beat the Chiefs


Former Panthers, Chiefs, and Giants O-Lineman turned Sirius XM NFL Analyst Geoff Schwartz joined Kyle Bailey today on the Clubhouse to discuss the controversy on Monday Night Football, and what he expects from the Panthers vs. Chiefs.

Geoff first reacted to the no-call on the 2 point conversetion as Geoff said it was a bang-bang call and the call on the field should have stayed the same in that situation, but at the same time he doesn't feel sorry for teams having to rely on the referees to make every call the right call and the Giants needed to handle their own business.

Geoff then previewed the Panthers matchup in front of the Chiefs as he sees the only real shot for the Panthers to beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead on Sunday is if the Chiefs don't really care about the game as Geoff told Kyle when the Chiefs are on, not one team can beat them.

When it came to the Panthers first 8 games of the season Geoff said he thought the Panthers could be the worst team in the NFL, but he notes that they are competitive and that is a sign that Matt Rhule can coach, and thinks they will continue to add more pieces as Coach Rhule gets further along in his tenure.