Dan Shaughnessy Thinks Cam Is In The Perfect Division To Make The Playoffs


Sports Columnist for the Boston Globe Dan Shaughnessy joined Wilson & Parcell and gave his thoughts on the Patriots and Cam Newton after their win against the Dolphins.

He was asked if he was surprised by how they used Cam on Sunday.

“No I expected what we saw… It still is a long way to go but people are fired up for the Cam Newton era…”

He was asked what the bar is for Cam Newton in New England?

“I think Cam is in the perfect division to have a chance to make the playoffs…”

He was also asked about another former star in Charlotte, Kemba Walker and if the Celtics can make the Finals?

“Folks here like Kemba and I think the bubble has helped teams like the Celtics with no home-court advantage…they got a shot and Kemba is a big part of it…”