Scott Abell Tells Kyle Bailey How COVID-19 is Impacting Football Programs at the FCS Level


The Head Football Coach of the Davidson Wildcats joined Kyle Bailey on the Clubhouse to discuss how his team has been impacted by Davidson's football season being postponed as Scott said that they have done everything asked for them to do and prepared for a season, but at the end of the day it came down to spring football which we'll just go from there.

Kyle then asked Scott if he is concerned with having his players playing 2 seasons in 1 year as Scott stated:

"There won't be 2 full seasons as the season in the spring will be 8 games which will take a third of the original season off the table. I want to take a closer look at that however when the spring season is over to see if we could modify the schedule in the fall. These are ongoing conversations that we are having to give the students the best opportunities to succeed and a chance for the seniors to get an opportunity to enter the field."

Scott also told Kyle that the struggles he faces at the FCS level compared to the FBS level is that the budgets are greater which means the FBS schools and specifically the Power 5 has more chances and resources to test compared to the FCS.