Will Healy Joins Kyle Bailey to Discuss the Hectic Last 48 Hours in College Football


The Head Coach of the Charlotte 49ers Football program joined Kyle Bailey this afternoon on the clubhouse as he expressed his uncertainty of a college football season happening in 2020 after a crazy weekend of news flowing out.

"I told our guys at the end of practice today that this probably is the first time where I know what they know and I don't know how much insight I can give them. All I know right now is that we scheduled North Carolina over the weekend and are playing 11 games. I'm reading the same things they're reading about the season possibly being cancelled and the reality of this is that we are practicing right now because they want to, and if somebody wants to stop us and tell us we're not playing we'll stop, but it's a tough position to be in because you don't have an answer for them."

Will also told Kyle that a lot of these players are safer in the confines at the university than to go back home because the structure is safer at the school than it would be if they were on their own at home.

Kyle asked Will about the #WeWantToPlay movement that has gained steam over the past 48 hours that is in the same veins of the #WeAreUnitedMovement as he was once a former player himself, and Will stated:

"I think it's the best thing that could happen to the players. Players having a voice, what's wrong with that?!? That's why we have a leadership council and open conversations so they can have a voice and then make sure to do research for when they have a voice. I've been in so many of these opportunities over the last 4 months as a head coach to be in conversations to learn so much when it comes to race and social injustice issues that I was not even aware of, and the only reason I've been able to learn and grow is that I was humbled and exposed to my lack of knowledge of certain topics because I haven't lived it. It's important that these players need to be heard, and I'm excited that they are being heard, and they can make a difference."