Beane: 'Draft is by drafting best player available, free agency is all about your needs'

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By WGR 550 SportsRadio

The Buffalo Bills made plenty of waves in free agency, signing nine players to help bolster the roster for the 2019 season. Although the Bills have already made plenty of moves to upgrade the roster, free agency is still young around the National Football League, and the NFL Draft is coming up in about a month in Nashville, Tennessee.

After the whirlwind week, Bills general manager Brandon Beane joined John Murphy and Chris Brown on One Bills Live to talk about the team's aggressive free agency plan and what is next for the team going forward.

Here are some of what Beane had to say: 


On the team's approach heading into free agency: 

"Obviously, it got very busy Monday, a lot leading up to this. We returned from the Combine the week before and once we got back there it was all eyes turned back to the free agents. So we worked it through the weekend and really just tried to hone in on who our targets were, where positions of depth were from the draft and compare those to positions of depth in free agency and where we might need to be a little more aggressive [at certain positions] and we can be more patient [at other positions]." 

"Draft is by drafting best player available, free agency is all about your needs to help you be able to go into the draft with very few so called 'needs.' We're looking for good players and we put them into various tiers, from 'Tier 1' down to 'Tier 4' of how we see these guys. There are certain positions where we didn't target a 'Tier 1' guy, we just felt like that's not as big of a need, it's not as wise a use of our money." 


On trying to find value in free agency: 

"There's all sorts of smoke out there and guys with agendas, between agents and reporters and other teams on what you're hearing on certain guys. But you try to keep your ear to the ground and see what's real and what's fake. It's the agent's job to drum up business for their guy and drum up the value, but you have to do your own value of what you see his play to be across his peers in the league." 


On the simultaneous signings of receivers Cole Beasley and John Brown: 

"As it was closing down, I was with Jim Overdorf and we were working on John Brown's deal, trying to close him out, Kevin Meganck and a couple guys are in his office and they were working on Cole [Beasley]. We had a quick meeting and we were going to get back on the phone and the goal was to try and close them both around the same time... 

"Sometimes you can scare a guy off if you just signed another guy at that position. So, from a timing standpoint, I wanted to do them at the same time once we were close."

"It kind of reminded me back when we did the simultaneous trades with Sammy [Watkins] and [Ronald] Darby, because I needed players from each side to fill what we got back in the trades, at the time I didn't want one without the other because it showed where our need was." 


You can hear the interview below: