Carcillo: Steve Montador's trial will change the world

By WGR 550 SportsRadio

Former NHL forward Daniel Carcillo has gained notoriety in the last couple of years for exposing dark places in the sport of hockey. From concussions, to hazing and abuse, to cover ups, Carcillo has not been afraid to oust those who have done wrong in hockey.

Carcillo was also a good friend of the late Steve Montador, who spent two of his 10 years in the NHL with the Buffalo Sabres.

Carcillo joined the Bulldog on Wednesday to talk about Montador's upcoming trial, as well as a ton of other heavy subjects.

Here is some of what he had to say: 

"No longer can we be sent home with opiates and then told to come back to the rink when you're feeling better. That's not the way to treat human beings. We are human beings, and I think that gets forgotten because of how it gets sold. They sell the logos, they don't sell the person. And we never use words like 'I', it's always 'we' and 'us'." 
"Steve Montador's trial this year, I'll be a critical witness in that. I remember everything I saw him go through in the room... I truly believe that Steve Montador's name will go down as a person who sacrificed his life, so that we could change the brain injury world, so that people would stop committing suicide." 
"He was cleared for 19 concussions in the NHL. 19 documented. Four by the Blackhawks. Four of them in the span of 12 weeks. Then when he went to go get his own help and he came back healthy, they sent him down. They blackballed him. Then we won the [Stanley] Cup. That's what they do. I just want people to realize that. I want current players to realize they can take their health into their own hands." 
"I was called into the Blackhawks' office and they told me, in not so many words, to shut up. I looked at them, sat on the edge of my seat, looked them right in the eyes and said, 'You guys had a hand in killing my friend. You think I'm going to shut up?'"Check out the entire half hour spent with Carcillo below: