Frazier: We’re seeing the evolution of Tremaine Edmunds


On the eve of their game against the Miami Dolphins this past Sunday, Buffalo Bills linebacker Tremaine Edmunds stood in front of his teammates and delivered an inspired message.

After the team's 37-20 win in Miami, Edmunds didn’t want to get into specific details on what he said, but several players lauded him for his leadership and inspiration.

On Monday, defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier echoed those sentiments, and said the 21-year-old is making a lot of impressions.

"We’re seeing it. We’re seeing the evolution of his growth. It’s tremendous for all of us to witness, both on the field and off the field," Frazier said of the middle linebacker’s growth in his second season. "For him to stand up in front of his peers on Saturday night and to be as transparent as he was, just talking about the way he approaches the game and the way he would hope that his teammates would as well. But also just sharing some of his flaws and some things he wants to improve on. That’s not an easy thing to do, to be so real and genuine. The guys obviously really respect him because of his play and the type of person that he is. For him to stand up there and talk the way he did and share his innermost thoughts. Hat goes off to him, that’s a leader. Guys respect him, for sure.”

“Very proud of him,” head coach Sean McDermott said of Edmunds during his weekly Monday press conference. “I mentioned at length about and talked at length about his youth. Just [in his] second year, middle of the second year, Josh [Allen] the same way and sometimes you forget that. But to see him take ownership and stand up and address his teammates, very mature type of approach and then he backed it up with his play.”

He sure did. Edmunds went out and led by example on Sunday, leading all players on the field with 12 total tackles, including half a sack, plus two quarterback hurries and a pass breakup.

Edmunds, along with fellow linebacker Matt Milano, were also used more as a blitzers against the Dolphins, and the Bills came away with seven total sacks, all coming from different players.

“Just looking at some things that Miami did on offense was part of why we did what we did, but the results were really good,” Frazier said of the blitzing. “They did a really good job, both Matt and Tremaine. When they had the opportunities to put pressure on the quarterback and trying to speed up some of the throws and just good to see. Good to see Matt get one the week before and now for he and Tremaine both to get some pressure on the quarterback, it’s good for our defense.”

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