WGR 'Best Time For A Beer' Draft


If you happen to be a beer drinker, then this draught (pun intended) is for you!

Especially on many great summer days in Western New York, there are so many times that are great to sit back, relax, crack open your favorite beer and enjoy! But what moments, events, or times are the best to drink and enjoy a beer?

The afternoon crew of WGR Sports Radio 550 decided to draft some of those players on Friday in the WGR "Best Time For A Beer" Draft!

This draft featured both Mike Schopp and "Sneaky" Joe DiBiase from the Dunn Tire Studios in Amherst, while Chris "Bulldog" Parker was broadcasting from his attic studios at home. In addition, the guys welcomed in Ethan Cox, who is the President of Community Beer Works in Buffalo!

The rules are simple: pick the best times to relax and crack open a beer and fill up the board!

Follow along with the festivities by using the hashtag #BestTimeForABeerDraft on Twitter, or you can track all of the picks made below:

Tune in at 4 p.m. for all of the fun.


Round 1:
1.) Joe DiBiase (@SneakyJoeWGR) - Tailgate beer
2.) Bulldog (@Bulldogwgr) - Airport beer
3.) Ethan Cox (@EthanBFLO) - Shower beer
4.) Mike Schopp (@Schopptalk) - Baseball game beer


Round 2:
5.) Schopp - Boat beer
6.) Cox - Campfire beer
7.) Bulldog - Lawnmower beer
8.) DiBiase - Golf beer


Round 3:
9.) Schopp - Beer at the brewery
10.) Cox - Beer festival beer(s)
11.) Bulldog - Errand beer
12.) DiBiase - Pool float beer


Round 4:
13.) DiBiase - EPCOT beer
14.) Bulldog - "Second wind" beer
15.) Cox - "Last call" beer
16.) Schopp - "Family leaves the house" beer


Round 5: 
17.) Schopp - On the plane beer
18.) Cox - Attic lounge around beer
19.) Bulldog - Concert beer
20.) DiBiase - Locker room beer


Round 6:
21.) DiBiase - Drinking game beer
22.) Bulldog - Undercover beer
23.) Cox - Porch beer
24.) Schopp - Friday after work beer


Round 7:
25.) Schopp - Magic Kingdom beer
26.) Cox - Free beer
27.) Bulldog - Grilling beer
28.) DiBiase - Road trip beer


Round 8:
29.) DiBiase - "Uber is two minutes away" beer
30.) Bulldog - "My kid just got drafted!" beer
31.) Cox - Backyard lawn sports beer
32.) Schopp - Bedtime bride beer

So now the decision is up to you... who drafted the best team in the #BestTimeForABeerDraft?

— WGR 550 (@WGR550) August 7, 2020